In order to get DSL you will need to fill out our internet application which can be found at our office, or by clicking the Residential App to your right, (you will need adobe reader to open this file) if you do not have adobe reader you can download the free version by clicking *here*.

Businesses looking for high speed internet need to contact the office directly by calling (361) 872-2211 or stopping by our office. You can also email Support

Also your computer will need to have a network interface peripheral installed. Most computers will have these already installed. If you are unsure the tech will be able to determine if you need one at time of install. LaWard Communictions offers modems and routers for sale or rent. If you have your own equipment please bring it by our office for testing, please include the power adapter.

If you have any questions please feel free to give us a call at 361-872-2211 or come by our office. You can also email Support

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